Don’t study hard, study smart

Students work hard to get better grades in exams but they do not get their expected results. To me the only reason is they studied hard but not smart and they have realized that studying smart is more effective than studying hard. The way a student studies can make or break his success at school/college/university. So don’t study hard, study smart, which can help you to save a lot of time that would have been lost with unfocused attempts of “studying hard.

Stuck in a task/homework

Rather than wasting your time when you stuck in homework or need to clear your ideas go for online tutor for assistance as students are more electronic and computer oriented than ever. Online tutoring helps college students to get more involved in the learning process.  Online tutors are specialists in their subjects and give you preferred help over any other individual.

Study plan

The most imperative tip to get better grades is to assign every day time for studies. It looks hard when you start studying everyday but becomes the routine work of your daily life. Just allot 20-30 minutes and you will feel a change before the exams in the form of no stress.

Task division

A portion of students believe they can complete their study related tasks including assignments once in seven days, however this is not a good practice and damages your grades. Rather than putting all you study task on a single day, the best approach is to make chunks of your daily tasks.

Make a study zone in your home

You need to be comfortable while studying, but not so comfortable that you lose focus or fall asleep. Get a desk and chair and place them in a place where there is no distraction, away from TV and other gadget.  There should be adequate lighting in the room for study. Make sure you have all the study materials you need for studying at your table, so you don’t waste time in finding the ruler or a pencil or any book.

Sticky notes and Charts in your study zone

Research has uncovered that you lean better when you visualize things more than once. It is a best methodology to make notes and graphs of critical points and stick them on the walls  of your room. This will help you to observe the charts  at the time of sleep and getting up in the morning. By visualizing again and again those charts will become the part of your memory which you can use them in exams easily. stancey.